About Us

Lead Gen Shirts was created by a fellow Realtor who had a hard time bringing up his profession to friends, family, and acquaintances in casual settings. He ended up wearing t-shirts clearly showing that he was in Real Estate and it was a hit!
People would start conversations constantly with him about the market and he has generated approximately $75,000 in commission directly from these shirts in under three years.
Most of these were parents at his kid's daycare, people at events, the gym, & at his kid’s friends birthday parties. People at these places would be looking for something to talk about with him and the obvious thing was real estate.
Over time, when these people needed a Realtor they thought of him and he got the sale, even a $24,000 commission check from just one!! All just by wearing T-shirts like these.
Why market someone else business when you can market your own in a non-pressured way?!